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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Art Class

Me and Emerson are going to do art class together today! Once a month Emerson had to watch me go into art class and she announced she wanted to try it out. Normally I might be angry that she wanted to copy me but its different with art class. I don't mind if Emerson wants to do something I like, plus, her friend will be there too, so we both can have people our ages to talk to. This month is a dolphin lesson and we both love dolphins, so hey, it turned out perfectly. P.S(I don't know if you can do P.S's in blogs but oh well) Benedict is doing good today--- he wanted to do the blog but I had to tell everyone about this instead. Sorry Benedict, you can write something next time!

Emerson: Julia is a good sister and I like her a lot. I like dolphins and I want to learn how to draw them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Benedict says Hi

Hi, its me Benedict. I haven't been feeling well, you know, a runny nose and sneezing once in a while, stuff like that. I have never did an entry though, but I wanted to try this out, on account when you don't feel so good, you do stuff because you are bored. Interesting things are going on today, and we are going to the library to get some new books--some for me too. I like to read my board books or have Mommy or Daddy or my sister Juju - I mean Julia, read them to me. Julia is a nice sister, and Blaise is a good brother too and he likes it when I give him hugs. Emerson likes pink, purple, and princesses. She has a room that has fun things. I love EVERYONE in my family. Sometimes I break things in my sister's room, and Emerson isn't angry, and she still loves me. Did you hear that I'm one years old? Oh, wait, I think Mom told you a while ago. I like cake. It tastes really yummy. Well, I think I must go now, I am very tired. Good by--ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

by Benedict

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothing to write about

Today was a very rainy day--again! I am so glad we decided to do school supply/fall clothes shopping a week ago because today is chilly! Anyway, today is just one of those days where you can't think of anything to write about on the blog--in other words, its a typical Monday. Today will be very fun, though because after school we are going to a birthday party so hopeful this rain stops. Poor Peanut got very scared last night when the thunder was booming away, so she went to sleep early this morning. The good thing is that we didn't have a rainstorm over the weekend and not be able to have any fun in the sun(ha ha).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 things I would like to say about Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday, and I am working under cover. She does not even know that I am writing a blog entry dedicated to her. She has blogged for two years and she generously gave it to us kids, so here's to my mom.

1. She said I could maybe have a pet rat when we move! (thank u so much mom)

2. She is humble and does not think about herself, she thinks of others first.

3. Mom is caring.

4. She makes the day special.

5. Mom is very kind.

6. She takes us to fun places!(like the park)

7. She can make even shopping fun!!

8. Benedict says: Mama picks me up when I am crying!

9. Blaise says: Mommy helps me clean up my toys!! Emerson says: I love you!

10. Everyone says happy birthday to our very great mother!(Dad says: and a great wife too)

Dear mom, we hope you liked this blog entry about you, (plus all this couldn't fit into a birthday card(-: !!!!!!!)

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Answer

Yes, the first guess was right (see below for comments). Last night Mom and yours, truly (who else, me, Julia!) were trying to think of good names for this blog, when we came upon the right one: The Adventures of J.E.B.B. If you didn't guess it, and you are still pondering, well, I will let the cat out of the bag: It means Julia, Emerson, Blaise and Benedict. Benedict?You may wonder, and I have to admit, he cannot type on a keyboard, nor express his thoughts, but we have our ways of dictating for him. He will tell you about his own adventures. Anyway, here are the things you may be noticing that are very different: First, the entries will be all about us kids. We will take turns saying something, and Benedict will say something once in a great while. Next, I will be typing on the computer, so you will notice that the entries will be longer and more descriptive, for typing on the iPhone or iPad is very hard for one to say anything long on a small digital keyboard. Lastly, the format, text, and design is very different(plus we are getting ready for fall and the colors are very appropriate.) Of course, the biggest change is the title. Since we all "stole" the blog, Mom decided on a new name(with my help, of course). Before, when the title was "a mommy's blog", I could have been confusing for newcomers who wanted to read the blog and wondered why "mommy" was blogging about her sister Emerson and a squirrel in the tree. Temporarily, I had said "by Julia T.", but now, it does not matter! I hope everybody likes the new layout, title, and especially the idea of letting us kids take over!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


So, you may have noticed a few changes going on around this blog lately....Not only have the children taken over...but the title and content is much more interesting.  We decided since it is no longer a "mommy blog" but a blog about the kids that a new title was needed...thus after much brainstorming we came up with The Adventures of J.E.B.B.
For those of you that like puzzles we look forward to your responses...go ahead take a guess at what you think it means...
and  no it does not mean Just Eating Banana Bread....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holy Celebrations

Today, we are celebrating the Queenship of Mary. Emerson made a special crown to remind everyone about this special day. We always try to celebrate saint feast days, and it is very fun and we get to learn about saints. During school, I have a very nice reading book called Stories of the Saints. This week I am reading about Saint Helena, the finder of the True Cross. Her son, Constantine, was in a battle in Rome( this was a long time ago) and looked up and saw a cross that said "in this sign you shall conquer". Later on in Helena's life, she cured a woman who was dying using three crosses that one of them was Jesus's and the woman was cured when touched with the third. I love reading about saints and it is a true gift to be Catholic! By Julia T.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home sweet home

When I went out to clean Lily's cage I heard a sound.I looked it was a squirrel with leaves in his mouth. He had a hole in a tree and was putting the leaves in the hole. I think he was getting ready for Fall. I am excited about this because Fall means my birthday is right around the corner.

Monday, August 20, 2012

New shoes

Do you how hard it is to shop for shoes?? It's hard enough looking for something comfortable, but then there's the aspect of the color. When I walked down the aisle, the first color I saw was pink, pink, and more PINK! Did I ever mention that pink is my least favorite color?! I finally chose the shoes that came in the right size AND had the least pink in it. Emerson , being younger, got hand me downs and was very disappointed realizing that last year my white sneakers with decals and different colors but not the least bit of pink in it. My shoes turned out to be very comfortable and I like them a lot!! Emerson begged me to get a pink rhinestone pair because she would get to wear it soon. But these shoes were the least pink ones there, so I was satisfied. Fall shopping can be a pain, but it is usually always worth it! By Julia T

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Jan!

Ok, so it has been awhile since I have "blogged" and although I am enjoying my daughters snippets of creation I do miss the blogging world! Thus, I am hijacking the blog today...call it an editorial take over lol! Today is my MILs birthday! I wish I could be there to give her a hug and celebrate what a selfless amazing woman she is, but this will have to do! She told me she never celebrates her birthday anymore and I chuckled as I am same way! Who wants to acknowledge being another year older! But my kids do love and adore her and she deserves a great big Happy Birthday today! I know she is going to go to mass in honor of the Assumption of Mary and a little bird told me she may have two scoops of ice cream with Sander's sauce on it! That's what I admire about Jan...it always has been the little things that make her smile and make the rest of us love her even more!!! Happy Birthday Grandma! Love Julia, Emerson, Benedict and Blaise
Love Tony, your son and Jennifer:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 things to do on a rainy day

1. Make a video. (don't get the camera wet!!)
2. Play with your sister. (if you have one)
3. Spend time with your pet.(not outside)
4. Make up a story.(maybe about the rain)
5. Play Connect Four. (very fun!!)
6. Read a mystery. (reading is always good on rainy days)
7. Read a book to someone who can't read. (a very good deed)
8. Splash in some puddles(who says your'e too old for that?)
9. Make hot chocolate. (challenge yourself and try it homemade)
10. Draw a picture (maybe of a nice sunny day)
11. Visit your Grandma (make something nice for her.)
12. Decorate your calendar (you could make a homemade one and add your own pictures)
13. Check the weather (and hope for some sunny days)
14. Invite friends over for an indoor beach party (that will make up for the time it rained on the day you were supposed to go to the beach)
15. Make a list for things to do on a rainy day(like me!!)

By Julia T.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gnome sweet Home

Today we made some gnomes and had lots of fun. Emerson decorated a pink one and I did a green one. We were planning on going to a pet fair, but it was canceled because of the weather, so we decided to do a craft. My old sharpies work well on the gnomes and we got some sequins for decoration. Benedict laughed when I showed him my gnome. (by me, Julia T.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lava Cake

I made a lava cake with my mom. The frosting looked like lava. We made it in the crockpot. It was chocolate. I had it last night. It was good.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sisters forever

Hello it's me Julia. Emerson did a post yesterday so now it's my turn!! Blaise went on vacation with dad so it's just me, mom, Benedict, and Emerson. Emerson is a great sister and we always love each other. Sometimes we fight, but we always make up in a few minutes. We share similar interests like Geronimo Stilton books and animals but sometimes Emerson is very different. She likes dress up and dolls and I prefer going outside and looking for worms or writing a story. We have our own club and we think of good ideas too. Emerson says I can't say what the club is, but I can only say we have one. We sometimes play dogs, when I put a belt around my neck for a collar and Emerson wears a crown. She is a poodle and I am always a Labrador retriever. We also like books about Camelot like the Magic Tree House books and we even pretend we're knights but I never pretend I am a princess. Emerson and I are good friends, and sisters too. Maybe after school we can play in the rain!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My horse barn

I have a toy horse barn.I got it at a toy store.Now the toy store is turned into a candy shop.I like to play with it a lot.I have 6 horses plus1cow that makes seven. I like horses so much that this is one of my favorite toys.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peanut's new cage

Hello, it's me Julia again. I don't know how long it has been since I did something on the blog, but I am going to do one now. Peanut was getting bored of her new cage so I bought her a new one and she seems to like it much better!! It is complete with a wheel, petting tower, even a hole to put a treat dispenser in. I bought her the basic two story house, and a burrowing maze, too. All the tubes can be put together in different ways. I tried out a new way this week and put the cage sideways for her. You can see in the picture that it is pretty big and she gets a lot of exercise in it. I still take her out and play with her often so she is socialized. This cage is only for dwarf hamsters and mice, not for rats because they could get stuck and chew the plastic. Peanut says hi to her fans!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More VBS fun!

Another day at VBS, and what a day! In a good way, too. Today we played a game called Boat and Island where you ran around hula hoops until the music stopped and you jumped on a hula hoop. If two people were on one, they were out, and one hula hoop was removed. I am still making many friends, especially the kids in the group. The snack for today was a mixture of "beach"like snack items like goldfish crackers for fish and pretzels for driftwood. The kids liked that a lot!! A few of them said hilarious things that were really cute. One commented that "his mom had lots of money in her purse" when the leader asked how they were doing collecting money(for a particular mom who needed money for baby things). I try as hard as I can to help the kids, and it always makes me feel good. It is amazing how the kids can soak up information like a sponge; they could name the seven Sacraments in less than a day. At VBS, any day can be a great day!