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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rations and Glue

Julia has a weekend project. She has been put on a ration system as a reenactment of Civil War times. No I am not making her sleep in a bunker and choose north or south...but I set her up with some supplies and asked her to make glue. With a little assistance she discovered flour and water could work and the artist in her began making paper mâché objects. In the process we discussed rations and other uses of flour and water during Civil War days.

Food for Thought

Tony subscribes to a daily Catholic post that sends him daily inspirational thoughts. Last night while working out at the gym he sent me one. It was just what the kids and I needed this morning over breakfast.
Develop the ability to give people: a healing look, a healing word, a healing touch. -mustard seeds (daily catholic institute)
In a society where the kids are bombarded with a "me me message" what a great thought to start the day. Thank you Tony for once again grounding your family.