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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Carols

The visit with senior shut ins was one of the best experiences by far this season. The girls sang their hearts out and then served them punch and treats. They sat with them and chatted them up a bit. I am not sure who received the most joy...the seniors or the moms watching their girls interact with these women and men.

Joy to the World

The little flowers girl club is studying the virtue of joy and mirthfulness this month. The medal activity is one that brings tears to my eyes. They are going to visit Millside Manor in town. It is an assisted living senior center. They are all going to bring a plate of cookies and some joyful carols will be sung! My boys will be bringing flowers to present to the lovely seniors! It makes me miss my grandmother a lot though! She is far away now and it seems like the visits are not as often as when she lived closer. My girls love old people and they will surely adopt one today and bring some joy to their life!