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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Benedict!

My initial goal in starting a blog was for my family...especially Benedict. Being number four he doesn't get a lot of ME so I wanted to have something special so that someday he could say "gee mom cared so much about me, she made me a blog:)!
I have tried to honestly document every milestone and moment in his first year of life and I have joyfully snapped tons of pictures...and here we are first birthday time. I thought about all the amazing things my boy has done in the last year, but what I really want to recall is what he has taught me:
Laying on the carpet and looking at carpet fibers is the most interesting thing in the world, walking around with breast milk spit up on your shirt is a badge of honor, witnessing every first moment is a gift that was saved for mommy's eyes, dumping Cheerios in the grocery store aisle not once but thrice...great lesson in tolerance, midnight loads of laundry while honing my singing voice to the tune of "Jesus loves me", smiling at me when I feel my tiredest and ugliest made me feel like a queen, discovering that a clean house and perfect order of things did not compare to laying on the grass and watching the birds, and my favorite lesson he has taught me: I may not be the youngest, prettiest, smartest, or most adventurous mommy but man he loves me! I love him too! Happy Birthday Benedict! Toddlerhood here we come fourth time around and I am sooo much wiser about what's really important!