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Saturday, December 3, 2011


It was cold and windy but the angels were angelic, the sheep frisky, and baby Jesus slept thru the whole thing!

First parade

Tonight is a parade in our downtown city kicking off the Christmas season. Our church participates and the knights decorate a float and pass out buttons that say "keep Christ in Christmas"!
The float is similar to a live nativity on wheels. The girls are going to be angels and Blaise will be a sheep ....baa he has been practicing all day!
The baby may or may not be baby Jesus depending on the weather. They have a back up doll just in case. Where will mom be? I was thinking about sitting in van keeping my feet warm but I have a feeling I will be sitting on a float. Stay tuned for pictures!

Jingle bells

The bells were jingling at 5am as cries of laughter filled our house! Blaise was asking can he look in his boot and even my late sleeper Julia strolled up the stairs to see what was in her boot. They quickly ate their gold coins and got to work on the ornament kit left for them. Later on we will watch a St. Nicholas DVD and make a cake for one of our favorite saints.