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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Spoiling Never Hurt...right?

Tony is the biggest kid I have to take care of. He is always the first one to tell us about latest movie or event that he doesn't want to miss! It was no surprise to me that I had him jumping up and down like a kiddo when I suggested he take the three older ones to a movie today! It is a rare moment when just the baby and I can chill out together. I forget how fun the one on one interaction without an older sibling hovering can be. Today was about spending time with my little buddy. He loves music and dancing so it was no shock when he pointed to a toy in a store and said "dum dum" for drum drum! His most favorite thing to do is drum! Generally the rule is you get a toy at Christmas or birthday...anything else is paid for out of allowance or a gift from a generous Nana, Papa or Grandma or Grandpa...well today I bent the rules for my Benedict. He has a soft spot in my heart and I know the gang is enjoying their movie while he is stuck with me...so we bought it and he helped me tear it out of box and jiggled and oohed and drooled all over it! That's a sure sign he loves it! Now I find him racing around house with it and I am wondering if before too long I am going to regret getting my speed demon this toy! Lol oh well they are only so little for such a short time.