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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The King of the Golden City

For past few weeks Julia has been working on an allegory for Reading. It is a book about a child and a king. There is quite a lot if symbolism and thematic content thru out the story pertaining to her Catholic faith. She was pleasantly surprised today when she discovered that she was to construct the "King's house " today which happens to be a church. I will let you literary buffs do the work on figuring out the symbolism of who the child, king, house, and golden city may be. She enjoyed constructing the project out of whatever she could find in our craft cupboard.

Lily Beatrice

Not to be out of the family blog Emerson wanted me to mention her pet rabbit Lily. This has been a true work in patience for her. She obtained lily in April 2011 and she was only 4-6 weeks old. We were told she was a female (not) and discovered she was born on Nana's birthday. Thus, she was dubbed lily since Easter had just passed and Beatrice after Nana. Lily Beatrice ahh the turmoil Emerson has endured to develop and bond with this rabbit. She was persnickety, aggressive, and a bit snobbish in rabbit world. Every morning I have watched Emerson diligently clean that cage and sit in the laundry room for at least 30 minutes. She talks to the rabbit, reads books to her, always hoping and praying this "wild thing" would befriend her. Well right after Fall we had a break thru. Emerson proudly exclaimed Lily let her hold her. Then I noticed the rabbit sitting in her lap and as we blog she is playing with Blaise and Emerson. I imagine she is one of those slow to warm up folks. But, when they do warm up you have a friend for life. Emerson feels it may have something to do with fact that lily is really a Lyle and a bit perturbed at us for not noticing all these months. But we just can not change his name as we love Lily Beatrice. So we continue to be patient!