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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Doctor visit

As I approach Benedict's 5 month milestone I realize this morning it is time for his baby well visit. Normally trips to the doctor are filled with anxiety or tears but I find these visits joyous. It is neat to see how much they have grown and how much they weigh. What new tricks they have accomplished or will accomplish in months to follow. Benedict has been doing this belly crawl where he gets from point a to point b without too much trouble. It is funniest thing we have seen. Last night at ballet he waved to a mom for the first time and I was mad I forgot my phone to take a picture of it. Hey at least I had a room full of witnesses. We have been practicing bye bye and peek a boo with him as he sits in his high chair getting used to the new view. He loves my plastic cooking stuff (bpa free) of course! I wonder what he thinks of us sometimes as we race around getting all this stuff done and taking in all the activity. I smiled when Blaise whispered to him this morning "don't be scared at the doctor today Benedict she is a nice lady and gives big suckers to good boys! I will eat your sucker for you since you are too little"
That's what brothers are for!