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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Detroit Zoo

It was hot, but it was awesome! I am but exhausted but here's highlights:
Julia loved the polar bear exhibit where you walked underground thru a long tube and they had a polar bear playing above you! Emerson loved the safari area with zebras, giraffes, and even prairie dogs?!? You stuck your head thru a hole in a cage and they ran around you! Blaise loved the tigers, bears and snakes eek! I loved the butterfly house and was amazed at how many landed on people! Tony liked the farm, petting farm and even peacocks!
My little blue eyes though was hot hot hot today and his favorite part was when I pushed him under the misters and he got sprayed with water!
This is first time at zoo where we did everything and still managed to come home in one piece! Although that snake exhibit still has my tummy in knots!