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Monday, October 24, 2011

Desperate housewife

Ha! I am not really a desperate housewife but I do have a scandalous secret to share. I have a boyfriend and his name is Howard. I met him a few years ago but we have gotten closer this past year. He lives up the street in a brick ranch that he built himself. He is predictable and kind although a little forgetful and blind in one eye. I never tire of his visits. He walks by my house twice a day and sometimes brings me presents of squash and fresh herbs. Tony has met him and doesn't mind his visits either. He is an inspiring 86 year old neighbor and I look forward to his conversation. Not to mention the kids get to practice respecting their elders and acts of patience. There will come a morning when I may not see him walking down the sidewalk. As a cancer survivor he told me he takes it one day at a time and is thankful for that....he teaches me thankfulness for my health and contentment with life. I need his visits to quiet the chaos of my day. We sit on the porch and rock and talk about things. Not rocket science but stuff like where he met his wife, how he got into masonry and his trip to Europe. One day he told me I looked pretty and even though he can't see out of one eye this desperate housewife will take what she can get!

Day in the life of me

Everyone asks me what's it like to homeschool and are you crazy? Well the answer is it is a wonderful, challenging experience that benefits the whole family and yes I am crazy! I am crazy. In between geography and math I have the pleasure of witnessing the little things like my daughter chasing a monarch butterfly or my son learning to read. Of course all parents learn and witness these simple things regardless if they homeschool or not! But Tony and i feel especially lucky to be able to be the ones guiding and teaching our children. My 7 year old is making her first communion this year and has been practicing her act of contrition. I personally had the joy of watching her master it and recite it. I felt her joy at the moment she did it and I realized it is moments like this that I treasure being home with my kids. Now the laundry and cleaning and cooking......that's a whole other thing!


I was so excited to share with the kids that we are officially a blogging family now. My eldest loves to write so I assumed she would be most proud. Yet her greatest concern was that I had not properly introduced the family and the pets! So here goes: my oldest is 9 going on 90! She is a wise soul that would rather be drawing and playing with her bunny daisy and hamster Charlotte then shopping or playing with dolls. Then the firecracker of our family! I know this sounds odd and all parents do this but she is striking to look at. I ask myself how did two ugly folks like Tony and myself produce such a child? Then there is her black rabbit Lilly who we found out is really a Lyle! Oh well! My boys are how shall I say it!?! Boys! Blaise is full of zest and energy like a tornado he sneaks in and destroys everything then becomes a rainbow after the storm. He is kind to his baby brother and protective! The baby eats sleeps and poops like all babies do but he holds a special place in my heart as he is truly our last gift from God! until grandchildren of course!
My hubby...the man I married almost 15 years ago! He is dapper and sooo hard working! A little too hardworking at times! He is hilariously funny at just the right moment then rushing in to make us feel better when one of us is heartbroken. Ok I think I covered it! Oh yeah me...ha moms always leave themselves last! I am a stay at home homeschooling mommy that loves to be with her kids and hubby !?!Ok Julia hope that is up to your Standards