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Monday, December 26, 2011


I am not above admitting when I am wrong or that I have made a mistake! Well, I made a mistake! In my rush to get all the "stuff" put away I failed to remember the importance of leaving out the nativity and tree. Thankfully I have my dear mother in law to compassionately remind me the celebrating has just begun! The kids were thrilled to hear that some of the decor was coming back out of storage! It led to a great conversation between Tony and I as we begin to discuss sone of the changes in our family effective 2012. Remember only a few days left before people talk about resolutions. I have done them, Tony has made them in the past...we kept some and left others by wayside. This year instead of resolutions we are "adding" some new traditions to our family. Things to bring ourselves closer to each other, our faith and our community. I don't want to spill the beans yet as the girls are still working on their portion of our new family list. Thanks and love to my MIL for pointing out my oversight!

Feast Day

Ok we did it the decor is put away and the house is back in order but do we stop thinking about what Christmas is all about? No as I explained to the kids we have a few more special days to celebrate! One being today as it is my nephews feast day! St. Steven was the first martyr and known for distributing food to the poor. Steven you not only were named after a great guy (your daddy) but an awesome saint! Love you bunches and we can not wait to meet you! Hope your first Christmas was blessed!


Although within our faith we celebrate up until the epiphany which is after January 1, from the time I was little the day after Christmas is when the decorations are taken down and put away. This is one thing I have held onto out of convenience. I don't always have help putting everything away but thanks to a banking holiday Tony is home for one more day! We started early in the morning in hopes of having our afternoon free. I am still in midst of ornaments and three trees that need to come down but I noticed one small thing...call it a gem that I am tickled to death about! I inherited all of my grandmas ornaments from her tree before she was moved and one of them appears to be from Florence, Italy. It is a bulb with a picture of the Madonna on it. I never noticed it before as the kids helped put up all her ornaments. I dread putting it all away but I do like having the house back in order before the New Year. By the way I am already talking to the kids about 2012 and some new resolutions and the excitement is brewing! Stay tuned!