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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pizza with the priest

This Sunday was the annual pizza making with the priest! I worried about going with my pink eye but my gang was not going to miss it! I poured some drops in my eye and away we went to mass. They had face painting, ornament crafts, cupcake decorating, cookies, and a surprise visit from St. Nicholas. I forgot about my eye until I came home and looked in the mirror!


I love pink cotton candy and pink tutus! I don't mind pink flowers and pink little baby toes but what I don't like is pink eye! Last night in the float I noticed my eyes were burning and itching. I assumed the hay bales we were sitting on were the culprit and I must be allergic to them! Not so much the case! I woke up and noticed both eyes red and pink and itchy and ugh! So Jan, my loyal follower send me some remedies PLEASE if you have any! For, although pink is Emerson's favorite color I prefer my hazel green eyes!