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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Riddles by Julia and Emerson

We made these up ourselves. Try to answer them!

           1. I am white on the top and yellow on the bottom. I am sweet to eat. what am I?

2. I am white and bony, I have no skin, so whats on the outside used to be in. What am I?

3. You cannot see me, I can float very high, but if you do see me, you might cry. What am I?

4. i have green hair, and a flying broom, So it'd be weird, if i rode a vacuum.
What am I?

5. i howl and screech, my teeth are like hooks , don't pet me, I'm not as cute as I look. Clue: Meeeow!! What am I?

6. if your looking for a house, don't come in here, because you might be filled with fear! What am I??

7. I have eight spindly legs and I am jet black, come onto my web, if you don't care about coming back. What am I?

8. I have a cape, and very sharp fangs, I am a lot like a mammal that flies at night.

What am I?

9. we like riddles, scary or not, and two rabbits is what we got! who are WE?