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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dinner Guests

I thought I was done blogging for the night...considering I am exhausted and ready for bed but my kiddies begged me to post this one as they all find it fascinating. We live in a small town yes, but I still consider it the burbs. My dad goes north for hunting and seeing wildlife like most people. I just have to look out my back window to enjoy nature! Now look close as this camera on this phone is not greatest but we counted at least seven!

Mom lost her voice

Ok so my voice is hoarse, my ears are plugged I can't even perform the smallest task without feeling sinus pressure. I get this thing every year and I know it is going to be over with sooner as opposed to later but it doesn't make for an easy school day. Since I can't talk a lot to the kids I am choosing my words carefully. If I don't see it then it isn't happening. This has led to the following observations: someone made themselves a peanut butter sandwich with my cheese spreader, pop is only consumed on a birthday and it MUST be someone's birthday today in the world, the rabbits made a burrow out of all my white cleaning rags?, somehow the train table made it all the way to other side of room, cereal counts as lunch right...
My all time favorite observation was "Blaise told me it was ok to do the computer when I asked him"
Since when does a three year old make the rules! I better get over this sinus thing before Blaise decides to teach drivers Ed to Benedict!

Organized Mess

Homeschooling the kids after a break has been a blessing. Their little minds are refreshed and willing to comply. Julia even finished her math in record time. What I have noticed is the difference in learning in boys versus girls. My girls are methodical and organized and neat. I have always felt that meant they would have a successful day. Blaise has opened my eyes to a new way of learning. Boys do not like sitting still. They generally don't care to use an eraser unless it can be projected at their sister, and don't get me started on what occurs when left alone with glue, tape, and or scissors! This new hands on approach to learning has forced me out of my comfort zone! It has taught me to change my expectations not change who he is. Everyone who truly knows me knows what a neat freak I am. I have had a love affair with Dyson for years now. I just have to let it go and if Blaise is learning how to add cheerios by dumping the whole box out on the floor and counting up...well it is what it is. When the little stinker goes to Harvard some day I hope he takes really good care of me!