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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

St. Vincent

Today is the quarterly year clean out the closets and basement donation day! With four kiddies and a pack rat hubby we seem to explode with "junk" treasures, and things that we don't use! Donation day is total therapy for me! Out with the old I say...ok so it isn't all old but it is nice to clean out the basement and for a few days feel a sense of tidiness. Also I like the kids to feel charitable and paying it forward to a catholic charity is a great way to instill in them the value of generosity.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Every year around this time Julia and Blaise go in for a physical. They have birthdays close together so it makes sense. Today was that day! Blaise was anxious he always is! But Julia went in excited to learn how much she weighed, and how tall she has gotten! Normally I am excited to see all the new developments, but with the recent changes in health care...yikes I was there over two hours and most of it was answering questions and looking at the doctor looking at HER laptop! It was a little different but we managed to get thru both physicals. The kids are healthy and growing fine!

Mass Journal

Julia loves keeping a journal. She doesn't like to call it a diary as she shares many of her entries with the house. So when her dad ordered a Mass Journal she was the first one in line to jump on board. The concept is basically to reconnect yourself to the daily readings and homily. There is a challenge to you to ask God daily to show you one way to be the BEST version of yourself. I am interested to see how Julia approaches this. Last night she and her dad went to mass (we are shuttling in shifts due to van in shop) as soon as Julia came home she began writing in the journal. As a mother it deepens my own faith to see the fire and passion of my 10 year old's faith!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ok so we had grass visible at Christmas...girls were stomping in rain puddles last week and right before February we have this?!? I never heard "I'm dreaming of a white Valentines day...." kids are loving it today!

Clover Beach

Once a snow season Tony takes the girls sledding down our town's biggest hill. It is a local hot spot for sledding so he tries to time it when there are little or no crowds. With our recent car pool situation and the fact that we are shuttling to church until Tuesday, he decided Sunday morning would be perfect time. The girls woke up and downed a bowl of oatmeal and then they bundled up and went off to sled. I am normally at home making the cocoa and warm bread or pastry for when they return. Blaise and Benedict stayed home with mommy, and I think big brother had his first taste of feeling left out. The hill is way to steep and long for him and I didn't feel comfortable thus year with him going. Next year he will have his debut. Meanwhile he looks out the window glumly and comments on how much fun they are having and when they will return. I am remembering the year Emerson stayed home because she was too little and I recall the same sadness...I suppose it is a life lesson that we learn. It doesn't make it easier but next year while Blaise joins the sledding club I will have Benedict peeking out the window thinking the same thing. Call a rite of passage....

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hi, I am Fred! Born today, hope to be here tomorrow...probably will be gone by Spring. I was made with love and fun by Blaise and Daddy.

Baseball for Benedict

A few blogs back I spoke of the pocket watch that would some day go to Blaise. I foreshadowed a mention of another heirloom that would go to Benedict. It is a signed baseball from Mickey Mantle. Tony's stepdad John gave it to him when he was roughly 9 or 10. As I mentioned before, when you get something special and you come from a large family with many brothers and sisters...well that trinket becomes a treasure. Tony has held onto this baseball and has mentioned it would someday go to one of his children. It is not so much about the monetary value of the baseball, but that his stepdad took the time to give it just to him.


My little gym stars really embraced their first time at gymnastics. Tony took the photos and they speak for themselves.

Friday, January 27, 2012


We pretended Blaise was going off to war to join the Union. He had to pack his rations and big sister Julia made him hardtack which was a main staple amongst soldiers. We added a bit of honey and jam to "wash" it down. We certainly learned the food back then was not as tasty as mom's cooking. Which isn't saying much for moms cooking let me tell you!

Gym Star Dad

I want to take a moment and praise my Tony. He has come a long way. Normally I am the one toting every one to all the activities and participating with the kids. These past few months Tony has really stepped out of his comfort zone and gotten involved. I did not need to nag, beg, or plead. I simply prayed for more involvement. Daughters need their daddies. They need to see them as stable, supportive, and involved. The dad needs to set the standard for future and I mean way way into the future...suitors. Tony is doing a bang up job. Tonight he is going to his first gymnastic lesson with the girls. Parent participation required, and it is for other homeschool families so he has opportunity to branch out and meet some dads. The girls are ecstatic. They are getting their sweats and gym shoes ready and they are wondering if daddy knows how to do the balance beam. They won't remember or even care if he made his goals at work, or if he got that coveted title or position...when they are older they will recall the night that daddy became a gym star!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sibling Harmony

Julia had art class this afternoon and her art teacher provided the ultimate opportunity of learning how to draw bunnies! He appropriately titled the piece "sibling harmony" and went on to discuss how siblings relate to each other. He candidly discussed how siblings should behave to each other in a Godly manner. I was not at the class but Julia seemed affected by his lesson, as she immediately put into action ways she could be a better big sister. I think her little brothers and sister are so fortunate to have someone like her to look up to!