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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sisters forever

Hello it's me Julia. Emerson did a post yesterday so now it's my turn!! Blaise went on vacation with dad so it's just me, mom, Benedict, and Emerson. Emerson is a great sister and we always love each other. Sometimes we fight, but we always make up in a few minutes. We share similar interests like Geronimo Stilton books and animals but sometimes Emerson is very different. She likes dress up and dolls and I prefer going outside and looking for worms or writing a story. We have our own club and we think of good ideas too. Emerson says I can't say what the club is, but I can only say we have one. We sometimes play dogs, when I put a belt around my neck for a collar and Emerson wears a crown. She is a poodle and I am always a Labrador retriever. We also like books about Camelot like the Magic Tree House books and we even pretend we're knights but I never pretend I am a princess. Emerson and I are good friends, and sisters too. Maybe after school we can play in the rain!

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  1. I loved your post and it's so nice that you and Emerson are so close. Love Nana