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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Off

At my appointment today the nurses asked me what my plans were for the rest of the day. They know our family well and were teasing me that I should tell Tony the doctor was backed up and I should go shopping, get a manicure and a massage! Ha! As it turned out we had a super nice day painting, studying maps, cooking and playing. The way I look at it a manicure is a waste of money for me....I am a nailbiter. Now the massage...there's a thought. Gee when is the next banking holiday?


The girls are still talking about their visit with Laura and Jeffrey. "when can we go again?" "when can they come here?" One highlight I failed to mention was sledding. I received all the details on our two hour drive home. It seems the cousins have a massive sledding hill near their grandparents house. The girls chattered away about walking across a road up a huge hill and sliding down all of them in a toboggan. It seems it was more fun going down together piled on one sled as opposed to all of them going separately. I am thinking of a small hill one that we have near our own house...imagine my shock and awe when they tell me it compares to twice the size of that hill. It is times like this I am envious of the kids. Imagine their freedom they experienced frolicking in the snow and chatting away with each other. No cares in the world. Uncle Jeff, the cool uncle, was sweet enough to trudge outside and take a photo for me so I could fondly remember this day. He also is a fellow blogger and writes published articles for the Cadillac newspaper. Julia, a potential author, found that amazing and dubbed him her new mentor.