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Monday, January 9, 2012

The story behind the dress

Every little girl loves to hear the story of how their mother fell in love with their daddy and how they got married. After our day of dress up I was bombarded with question after question of these past memories. Emerson assumed Tony and I had grown up together and just lived in this house until one day four kids came along. Julia knew a bit more facts but some were skewed. We sat together and I told them the whole story like a bedtime story. It was sweet and nostalgic and I really tried to make them see how God had brought us together and how we were patient, respectful, and loving to one another. There were giggles at the idea that daddy lived once all by himself in an apt. With only an air mattress and I lived at nana and papa's house. They could not imagine us never being together. They loved the part of when daddy proposed on one knee in his apartment floor and then we raced up north to share the news with grandma Jan and John. What they found most exciting was when I talked about the dress. I told them how I went to Jacobsons with my bridesmaids merely to look at maid of honor dresses and when I walked in my dress was just hanging there. As if to say here I am pick me! I had always dreamed of a Cinderella ball gown. But somehow that did not suit me and I was lost in a ball of white fluff. I was sure that is what I wanted but my friends saw how excited this simple elegant dress made me feel. I was not a demanding bridezilla shouting out orders and making people feel they had to look or act a certain way. In fact I experienced no stress at all thru out the entire process. My heart was in the right place and I always kept my sight on the truth behind the sacrament of marriage. I just knew when I put that dress on...well Emerson put it best "the dress was made for my day". They don't see me dressed up ever like that so they found it fascinating to watch and hear the story behind the dress.