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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Potholder dance

Ok so this has nothing to do with my whole attitude of gratitude theme this month. It simply makes me smile! My husband loves making his kids laugh! Last night he came home and cranked up the kids bop songs! Next thing I knew they were all jamming and he was dancing with a potholder!

Reading stories

I am so thankful that Blaise has learned to read. I was fearful about this endeavor as I have been forewarned by many homeschool moms that boys are harder to teach. They are easily distracted. I prepared myself for the worst and imagined large tutor bills and sending him off to college with his Dr. Seuss books hoping someone would read to him. Well a few months ago he surprised me with his willingness to sit at his desk and want to learn. So I went with it and like a little sponge he picked it right up. What makes me so thankful about this is that he wants to read to Benedict now. So I have another little helper to entertain baby. Thank you Blaise for reading to brother last night so I could help your sisters get homework done!