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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Early Bird Gets the Worm

A few have wondered why I would want to post my changes or resolutions for 2012? My dear sweet hubby even said some should be kept personal. I agree to a point. As a family we keep each other accountable and we encourage each other. I would be fake or hypocritical if I did not willingly list my own resolutions and hope that I would receive encouragement and motivation. I am doing them early as I expect by 2012 I will be in party mode as the girls are having an all night slumber party with pals. So here are mine:
1. In an effort to strengthen my relationship with God I want to attend one daily mass a week with the kids.
2. I want to spend more one on one time with each of my children as they have all expressed a desire to have my undivided attention.
3. I want to start a devotional with Tony.
4. It's been 10 years honey, let's go out on a date! Let's get that babysitter we always talk about and invest in our marriage! I love you!
5. I want to host a dinner party once a month for a family from our parish so we can really get to know them better and our kids can get to know them.
6. I am determined to get to Cleveland in 2012 to see my dear sweet friend Karen who I have not seen in what 20years?
7.I want to learn to knit or sew I can't decide which yet as the girls want me to do both!
8. I would like to learn how to cook a pot roast as I have never done that before.
9. I would like to get over my fear of hamsters. (that is for you Julia)
10. Finally and this is a hard one for me: I would love to focus more on the positive and avoid any negative that would tear our family dynamics down.