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Friday, January 20, 2012

What does oil and yarn have in common?

You been missing me? I have been busy today! We got up and drove to my folk's house...my mechanic (papa) said it was time for an oil change. He does my vehicle stuff for me and I am appreciative. While there we killed two birds with one stone...I made good on another resolution and my mom gave me my first knit lesson. She set me up with my first pattern and ball of yarn too! Do I expect to be as talented as her?!? No, but if this scarf gets done before Spring I will be pleased. Her speedy fingers made it look so easy. While visiting the kids got to open up some belated gifts from great grandma. My highlight of the day....seeing Benedict babble away on Nana's lap. He almost said Nana!

Happy Birthday Month

Besides Blaise's birthday this month it dawned on me there were several people in my family that also celebrated or will celebrate soon! One special lady is my grandma Koppela who is 89 today! As we speak she is soaking up some Florida sun enjoying her day! So Happy Birthday Grandma, Aunt Stephanie (belated) and Aunt Sharon! We love you all and hope your day is blessed!