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Monday, June 4, 2012

What has come over me?

I wish someone could tell me how the girl that shirked away from crowds and people has suddenly become a social extrovert?!? I think the right people bring out the right good stuff in your heart that has always been there. I detest crowds, parties, people with a lot of stuff to talk about and especially anything regarding politically correct stuff! I was brought up that you didn't discuss religion and politics and taboo topics. You had your thoughts and feelings but you never voiced them out loud for fear of offending someone. I didn't mind this much as I never had much to say and I never "felt" partial about much of anything. I "went with the flow" the popular choice, the majority! Then I had kids... And said kids needed guidance and direction and virtues...and I chose to find those within my faith and before you knew it I was a person with convictions and I had a voice and feelings about right and wrong?!? I am not afraid to speak up if I believe it is truth. I don't know what has come over me, I give credit to God and Godly type people in my life like my husband. It should be no surprise I was giddy when my husband purchased me some "jewelry" this past weekend. Oh yes he did, in fact he bought some for the whole family...not gold or silver but little bands for us to wear proudly. Yes, you will see me at my very FIRST rally this Friday, amongst yes....a crowd of people...sure my anxiety will be high and my mind will be praying for peace, but I will be there because it's the right thing to do! So say goodbye to the wallflower that used to hide in her room secretly wishing she were someone else and say hello to the new me! You don't have to agree with me, I leave all those matters up to God and you can take it up with Him.