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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Math Club was today and the kids did the neatest thing compliments of the mother whose home we were at! She set up two different boards and the kids used math terms and played hang man. Once they guessed the correct term they were presented with a definition and bonus challenge problem. Both teams had fun but I think I appreciated watching them work together. I noticed areas of weakness that I can supplement at home and I noticed that math was fun today! I actually heard Julia laugh during math! Math club is at our house next week and I feel challenged now to make it fun and stimulating!

Handwritten with Love

Benedict's Godmother is a couponer like myself. She used to live in Dearborn and her neighbor was an elderly lady that cared for her daughter with Down Syndrome. One of the things her daughter could do was cut coupons out of all the daily papers. She did it with joy and purpose. All of these coupons have benefited many of us moms. Recently my friend told me that the two ladies were feeling lonely and would love a note from the kids. Last week we sat down painted pictures and wrote letters to them. The kids expected nothing in return and I didn't even know if we would hear from them. Imagine our surprise when she sent them a handwritten note with stickers and dollars for all three kids! They were humbled by the gesture and felt touched that someone who was experiencing loneliness would reach out and make them feel good. The girls are happy to keep up a pen pal with this dear old woman and her daughter. They expect nothing in return except a new friendship. My faith in human kindness is once again restored!