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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nature Versus Nurture

Last night at Emerson's ballet class Julia brought her sketch pad and began drawing some of the girls dancing. Another mom began raving about her "talent" and how great she was. Julia is a humble kid and smiled and kept drawing. The mom began inquiring on my own drawing ability to which I laughed hysterically and showed her my stick figure rendition of drawing. I began pondering the old question is it Nature or Nurture...environment or genes...although I firmly believe all things come from God, He does allow certain things to happen. Every morning when I wake up I see this little cat picture painted by Julia when she was 3. I know her desire to be artistic began at an early age, but was it nature or nurture? I also know Tony has a lot of creative folk on his side and my mom is awfully crafty herself so I do believe part of it is genetic. Recently, Julia began designing prayer cards for people. I found that to be a prime example of using your talents for the greater good. When I look at a beautiful photo or painting I always think how blessed that individual is to have been given that particular gift. I find it sad when people tell me they aren't good at anything. We all have special gifts, a little self exploration will bring them out.