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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making a Deposit

I didn't want to go today, my mind and heart were not in right spot. Instead of thinking about helping out the poor I was thinking of how hard it would be taking the boys today along. When I got to the food bank I realized I was surrounded by my allies. Mommy friends get it! Especially ones that homeschool. They had a spot to keep Blaise busy and it involved smashing boxes, and they all took turns holding the baby and entertaining him. I was encouraged and felt myself revived. This is why I homeschool. These are my core group of women that let me know I NOT crazy for doing what I do! The food bank was an awesome experience for all the kids but I think God meant for me to get something out of it as well.....a friendship deposit at the food bank.

Food for Thought

I love this one! Tony sent it to me this morning!

Treat the people you live with as if today is the last day you have to spend with them. One day you will be right and you will be glad you did. -mustard seeds

Food Bank

Today the Little Flowers are going to the Food Bank to stock shelves. Tony and his company did this awhile back and I am excited for the kids to have the same experience. It isn't in the safest of places and I am bringing Blaise and Benedict as well. I suppose the good outweighs the bad though. I never used to worry about going places as a single gal but with the addition of children I have acquired a sense of vulnerability. I am taking my MILs advice and keeping all doors locked and if it looks really bad I will just keep on driving! I am sure it will be fine though and the girls are looking forward to helping out today and meeting some special new people.