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Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Tea!

Yesterday Tony got the funniest card from his mother. I like to say one of her greatest joys was having him so close to Mothers Day! But I digress, this Monday my sweet Tony turns the big 40! His mom sent him a card with four tea bags taped inside it! Took me a minute but then I got the aha moment! Now for the next four days I am going to gush about Tony... I have been quizzing the kids and we made a list of forty reasons we love and cherish him!
So here goes the top ten:
1. He puts his faith first above what is socially acceptable or politically correct.
2. He has an amazing sense of humor, which he gets from his mother I bet!
3. We think he is handsome!
4. Hard worker
5. Humble to a fault
6. Extremely generous to people
7. Forgiving spirit
8. Great daddy
9. Smart
10. Loyal