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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

Rainy days are especially hard for homeschooling mommies. What do you do with the kiddies during break time? I don't have a gymnasium for dodgeball and TV is a minimally earned privilege. Time to put on my creative cap...old atlases become treasure maps and the treasure is hidden in an old shoebox. Forts are made out of sheets and library books become the ultimate escape from boredom. Oh sure my son wants to romp around in mud puddles and look for worms. Emerson loves to twirl around in the rain with her Tinkerbell umbrella and pretend she is a fairy. I suppose rainy days can be fun, I certainly don't mind as I sip on a cup of hot chai and wait for my own break time to end. Ahh I spoke too soon my daughter is calling for me to tell me that centipedes eat cockroaches! Not that we have either in our house!