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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Suit

Many know by now that Tony's dad passed away... It was his stepdad but Tony always thought of him as dad.. The guy that raised him, the guy that taught him about sports and protected and cared for his mother. So this is a sad time and a delicate time for the kids. With so much loss in our life I worried what this would do to Blaise! He is a worrier and one that doesn't express himself too much. We went shopping today for funeral clothes and Blaise was NOT into it at all, everything I showed him exhibited a whine or a do I have to wear that? I gave up on it and was about to leave when he shouted "wait, look!" I don't know how to explain this but in the larger boy section was this mini me version of a suit Tony has. I was hesitant to look hopeful, would it fit? We put the blazer on and I wanted to cry! He looked so dapper and proud! I know Grandpa would be proud to see his little Blaise!