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Monday, February 20, 2012


Spring Jackets (check)
Sunglasses (check)
Justice Jeans (check)
Old Navy tees (check)
Shoes (check)

Getting a jumpstart on spring shopping for four ( exhausting)

Shopping and Food

Need I say more...

Presidents Day

Banking Holiday! Yahoo! Normally I have a doctor or dentist appointment on a banking holiday, but today lucked out that I have neither. The painting is done and we are still waiting on word about the beds. So do we do schoolwork or go have some fun? That is always the proverbial question! We are three weeks ahead of a normal school system and so a day off is acceptable I think! Tony has been wanting to go north to the outlets at birch run and I have a list of baby items and household stuff I need. In order to make it seem fun for the kids we will surprise them with a stop at Tony's restaurant. Anyone that has been there knows how huge the platters of food are and the sundaes are big enough for an army. They are all bringing their allowance money in hopes of stopping at a book store. We have ballet tonight so we are hitting the road early to get back in time. Happy Presidents Day!