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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Let me explain to you the power of prayer. I have been praying for several years now for Tony. He is a great guy, a good provider and one of high morals! But I wanted better for him. I knew he could be an excellent father a courageous one not ashamed to say NO to work and yes to his Family and to God. Recently I have been noticing a change... Afraid to even think it was permanent I just held my breath and continued to support him and pray. I didn't doubt God's ability or that He was listening I knew Tony merely had to say YES I want to be a stand up man for my family. Last week the holy spirit put it in his heart to attend a men's meeting where they watched the movie Courageous. I urged him to go thinking he would meet some new pals. Little did I know the change and impact this movie would make on his heart. He came home excited and willing to share with me his desires for our family. I was urged myself to watch the movie. Boy, it was a tear jerker in good and bad ways. I certainly wanted to jump on board with the resolutions that were presented in the movie. I want my children to have the kind of father presented in the movie and Tony wants to be that kind of dad. He has the fun, friend guy down pat! But the discerning, guiding spirit of a father that drops everything and dances with his daughter as if it is his last opportunity to touch and hold his beloved child! That's the man I want and that is the man he desires to become. I am feeling so blessed by God these days and I know life will have it's ups and downs I am just thankful my husband and family have God along for the ride!