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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Flowers

I just dropped the girls off to their little flowers meeting. It is a once a month girls club where they learn about virtues via female saints. They love interacting with the other homeschooled girls and they especially adore Mrs. Jacoby their fearless leader. She manages to set her table for twelve, host a tea party, teach a lesson and a craft all while the rest of us mommies do a drop and dash! That is where you drop off your kids and dash away before some one asks you to stay and help. I am truly thankful for this once a month treat! It offers me special time with my little guys and the girls are having fun too! Today happened to be all saint party so they dressed up as St. Philomena (Julia) and St. Maria (Emerson ).


Julia is thankful for rainbows. The real ones and the symbolic ones. We call happy endings around here a rainbow. We all know the Noah and ark story and I tell kids to look for a rainbow in every situation regardless of how disappointing life can be. Recently life has been a bit challenging for "juice" as she likes to be called. On the verge of becoming a tween life is not as peachy king as it was when she was six! The bumps in the road have caused her to try and look for the "rainbows" in her day. Normally a vivacious child this change has forced me to look for little rainbows as well! So this morning I am not going to worry about the little things that go wrong and be thankful for rainbows.