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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Squeaky Wheel

Finally the bunk bed fiasco has been resolved! I have spoken to Fed Ex several times and Tony has too! Nothing worse than phone tag and customer service reps that are hard to understand! We had to sign an affidavit and prove we were not in receipt of original beds. The company shipped us another set and lo and behold folks guess what was delivered to our house today... Not one but Two huge boxes of bunk beds..... Are you kidding me?
Well of course one box will be denied and sent back. All we care about is that the boys have beds! Thank you St. Anthony finder of lost things!


I normally save all the big WOWs for my monthly updates of Benedict. But in lieu of my short term memory loss I have been having due to stress, well I thought I better mention this one early! My little bundle of love is clapping his hands. It is the cutest thing to see his chubby little hands together and he claps about three times in a row. We were doing patty cake with him last night and if you're happy and you know it! He joined right in and it took me a minute to realize he was clapping! I am thrilled as I do "baby signs" with all my babies and now we can add a few more to his language. Being top heavy though he does topple over with glee after a few claps!