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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Riddles

Benedict had his baby well check up today and while in the waiting room Julia wrote some Spring riddles...

I am a turquoise, round, and very small thing. I'm not too old at all; I sit in twigs my mom weaves for me, it's a little crowded for a family of three!
What am I?

I am used for swinging in the breeze, just come on and sit on me; I'm very big enough for two- just don't cut my ropes, or I'll fall on top of you!
What am I?

I fill the air with my noise, it's not sad, it's filled with joy! A tickle, a joke, Or a puppy's play can cause me to start right away!
What am I?

I chitter chatter, make a noise, I jump and leap over girls and boys. I gather things, and this will make you know-
Being nutty, I'm a pro!
What am I?

Bold, beautiful, pretty too. I am all these things it's true! I'm very tall, but I cannot roam, please don't pick me from my home! Here's a clue, if you are confused, that lovely scent...it's my natural perfume!
What am I?

Happy Spring
Julia,10 years old