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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Yellow Kitty

It's been a long weekend for my little buddy Blaise. He thought he was going north with his dad and that was the plan. As we all know in life plans change, try explaining that to a four year old though. His disappointment became my frustration this weekend. He was banned from the garage sale for fraternizing with the customers, and his Lego set he received was promptly assembled by an overly helpful sister. Part of the fun in buying the Legos is assembling them yourself. I know he internalized his anger and it came BUSTING out at approx. 10ish this morning when his helpful sidekick zoomed past him 75mph on her banana seat bike yelling out "move over slowpoke" well the volcano eruption was heard up and down the street as my little buddy could not take it any longer! We have all had those days... I call them little bear days based on the little bear stories I have read to all my kids. Little bear days are the kind where nothing goes right and they end in tears. Blaise shed tears all the way home this morning and several shouts as well! He carried on while I assisted him into his bedroom. He was missing his dad, angry for being left behind and stuck with his teasing sisters and he didn't even get any lemonade and cookies at the sale... His words not mine! Alas the trials and tribulations of a 4 year old...here's the icing on the cake though...grandma Connell knew a little boy was missing out on some fun and she sent home a very special little kitty for a very special boy! My raving volcano melted into sweet love lava and before he went to bed he said to me " tomorrow I am sending an envelope to her with some thanks in it!" aww that made my whole day!!!!