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Monday, June 18, 2012

It takes a girl...

Today was not only library day, but the beginning of planning for the garage sale. Let me back up here...every year the girls beg to have a garage sale/lemonade stand. Every year I come up with a valid excuse as to why we shouldn't: too much work, not enough to sell, rather donate it and last year my favorite excuse....pregnant!
Well, none of those apply this year and my little entrepreneurs hit me with: we'll do all the organizing, pricing, marketing and clean up?!?
How can I say no? So began going thru the rooms, collecting stuff and receiving stuff from others to pile into the garage for a one day only extravaganza of a sale! Now it seemed all were on board at first, but when it came to actually setting it up and pricing the girls ruled! Blaise lost interest when he discovered his loot was halfway out the door and Benedict is just too cute we are hoping his cuteness at the lemonade stand will draw in the tips!!!! I just hope no one tries to sell him!! Now Blaise....brother for rent was mentioned a few times!