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Monday, February 6, 2012

Marzipan Decorations

In the South well to do ladies had tea parties and the hired help (slaves) made marzipan for tea. I don't see why the ladies could not make their own marzipan as it was fun to do. They probably did not want to get their hands dirty but they sure got their conscience dirty as slavery was wrong. Julia, age 10
My favorite part of the process was making a hamster out of the marzipan. I also liked painting them with food coloring.

Mustard Seeds

I love my daily dose of mustard seeds that Tony sends to me! Especially on a Monday morning: school, laundry, post office, grocery, more school , ballet and put away laundry...ugh but then I reflect on this:
Remember when things get tough just take one day at a time, praying and working. When things get really tough just take it one hour at a time, being friendly to those around you and doing what you have to do. And when things get really, really tough, just take life moment by moment. Do the best you can and leave the rest to our Lord. We have to give Him our "five loaves and two fishes." Then He will work the miracle and feed the "five thousand." Grace builds on nature and so we have to do our bit. -mustard seeds