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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 things to do on a rainy day

1. Make a video. (don't get the camera wet!!)
2. Play with your sister. (if you have one)
3. Spend time with your pet.(not outside)
4. Make up a story.(maybe about the rain)
5. Play Connect Four. (very fun!!)
6. Read a mystery. (reading is always good on rainy days)
7. Read a book to someone who can't read. (a very good deed)
8. Splash in some puddles(who says your'e too old for that?)
9. Make hot chocolate. (challenge yourself and try it homemade)
10. Draw a picture (maybe of a nice sunny day)
11. Visit your Grandma (make something nice for her.)
12. Decorate your calendar (you could make a homemade one and add your own pictures)
13. Check the weather (and hope for some sunny days)
14. Invite friends over for an indoor beach party (that will make up for the time it rained on the day you were supposed to go to the beach)
15. Make a list for things to do on a rainy day(like me!!)

By Julia T.

1 comment:

  1. Next time it's raining come and vist me. I always love it when you come. Love nana