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Sunday, July 1, 2012


What has it come to? The highlight of my blogging life has led me to documenting when my almost one year old stepped foot in a McDs? Well daddy was away today and big bro and big sis's begged me to go get parfaits. Blaise has been working up courage to master the fear of heights and promised me he would not meltdown if he got stuck in fear and couldn't come down the slide. I was desperate! It has been a longgggg month running on solo and I am running out of creative ideas for entertainment. So I consented! We were doing well at first...parfaits were yummy, Julia was soaking up the free wi-fi on her iPhone and I was checking Facebook while my little Benedict was scaling the play structure and making baby friends. Then it happened! Blaise attempted the huge blue slide! I heard a whimper then a full blown scream " get me outta here!!!!" "help me!" oh my word he wouldn't stop, so of course I passed Benedict off to Julia and scaled the structure myself to carry my ball of boy to the floor! Sure his ego was dashed and the tears were flowing and I was a wee bit miffed! Then it dawned on me I am terrified of things too.. I don't even have the courage to attempt them, and my little ball of tears mumbled to me in the van this " when I'm 5 I bet I can do it!" gotta love determination! I did manage to snap a few shots of my baby at his first McDonalds play land... And yes I poured the sanitizer all over him afterwards... Sorry folks old habits die hard!