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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More VBS fun!

Another day at VBS, and what a day! In a good way, too. Today we played a game called Boat and Island where you ran around hula hoops until the music stopped and you jumped on a hula hoop. If two people were on one, they were out, and one hula hoop was removed. I am still making many friends, especially the kids in the group. The snack for today was a mixture of "beach"like snack items like goldfish crackers for fish and pretzels for driftwood. The kids liked that a lot!! A few of them said hilarious things that were really cute. One commented that "his mom had lots of money in her purse" when the leader asked how they were doing collecting money(for a particular mom who needed money for baby things). I try as hard as I can to help the kids, and it always makes me feel good. It is amazing how the kids can soak up information like a sponge; they could name the seven Sacraments in less than a day. At VBS, any day can be a great day!

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