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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sparty Fan

One of the first things Tony told me about himself is that he LOVES MSU!
I never paid much attention to football myself but with three guys in the house now I guess I have no choice. I decided to document how a fan watches the game! My hubby has these weird rituals. Snacks 30 minutes before game, push the couch as close as you can to tv, yell and scream, pace, run up and down stairs to check Internet when they are losing as it is too painful to watch on tv, and when they do win scream and jump around like your pants are on fire! Oh well! I can enjoy my night now that they won!

Blood test and Socks

As a part of the new year one of Tony's responsibilities to our family is updating his life insurance policy. I get upset when he talks about the "what ifs" but I know being responsible for four children is something he takes seriously. He always has told me he wants his children to be securely cared for. So at 8 am after an all night fast a lady came to the house took his weight, his blood pressure and some blood work. We all know Tony faints at sight of needles and blood so it was really impressive to me that he did this. As a reward to himself the guy finally went out and replaced his socks. He even found matching ones for his buddy. I plan on living a long blessed life with Tony. This year will be our 15 year mark of marriage. In this day and age where statistically speaking 50% end in divorce I feel pretty lucky. But I am thankful that Tony thinks of the future and the "what ifs" too!

Monday Blues

There is a hum in the house this morning as everyone realizes that I have put our liturgical calendar back on the dining room table along with the lesson plans and books. It is time to get back in to school. I noticed we are on week 19 which according to my records means we are a little over halfway done! They don't see it that way but I can almost taste springtime around the corner! Ha ha! Tony is home due to banking holiday and has some honey do stuff to take care of and I am completely under the weather now. No bother as my kids remind me I can stay in my pjs and still get some learning done.