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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

Ok so I know Benedict is not talking YET but we all agree that if he could these would be his "changes" for 2012:
1. I would like to move from my liquid diet to something of substance, I tried to give you a hint when I grabbed my sock the other day and shoved it in my mouth.
2. I am going to try to speak more clearly as now when I make noise everyone starts making animal sounds at me and singing the abc song.
3. I hope to improve my speed of motion this year and actually make it to my target before someone picks me up and moves me away.
4. Hoping to get a new wardrobe soon as my crotch is hurting from those onesies my mom keeps snapping me into and really the hats?!? Gotta go!
5. I plan on meeting some new peeps and maybe inviting them to my crib!(sorry we HAD to add that one)
6. I have got to stop drooling it is starting to turn people off I think!

Honesty is best policy

Before I post Emerson's resolutions I want to mention that we have been drilling into her the importance of honesty. With that being said here is what she gave me this afternoon on a piece of paper:
1. Save up some money because I am going to be a banker and buy my own yellow lab.
2. Take tap dancing lessons because I am already good at ballet.
3. I want to go to Great Wolf Lodge again since that bucket doesn't scare me anymore.
4. I want to go to the zoo because my dad promised me last Summer and then forgot but I think he didn't want to go.
5. I need to learn my act of contrition because my mom said so.
6. I want to go on a sleepover to a friends house without Julia.
7. I want to do more work with my daddy because he pays more money then my mommy because well you know he works at a bank.

Double Digits means Double Duty

I, Julia, a 10 year old, do promise to accomplish the following in the new year:
1. Invest in a better hamster cage
2. Spend more time with my siblings.
3. Do more chores around the house
4. Approach math differently
5. Not sleep in until 9:30 am
6. Make even more new friends
7. Encourage mom that hamsters are totally awesome
But I am not changing who I am on the inside or my sense of style and creativity!

I resolve to...

My family is working on their resolutions or "changes" as my daddy calls them and these are mine:
1. Take swimming lessons
2. Have another Lego birthday party
3. Learn how to collect the money at church
4. Not be afraid to go in basement by myself
5. Learn how to tie my shoes
6. Go see grandma connell up north more because I like her food
7. Learn my prayers better
Blaise, 4 next month
The editor, whom shall remain anonymous, would like to suggest one: getting a regular haircut without a fuss!

Small Town Mentality

This blog was inspired by an email I had with my MIL! It got me thinking about the small town I live in. On more then one occasion Tony and I have discussed moving to a larger city. Then I start to think about all the reasons our family loves living here. You can shop downtown and people actually know you by name and when your kids were born. If you go into the local grocery store they actually offer to take your groceries out to your car for you. The librarian will order books based on what your kids like just because. Neighbors will look out for you and your kids especially if it looks like your 3 year old is getting into mischief. I can go from point a to point b in less than 5 minutes with no traffic. People still have block parties around here. You can still find a friendly stranger to talk to at the park and not have to worry if they are a creep. (although I am still cautious) I never thought I would like living in a small town but having children now and seeing them enjoy the benefits of a small town community, I don't think I could ever leave!