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Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Tree

I promised not to talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I can't resist this one! Yesterday at church they introduced the giving tree. It is sponsored by St. Vincent and it supports the needy families who may not have anything over Christmas! The kids got to go up and pick a tag. On their tag is description of a child, senior, or widow in need. In past we always picked one whole family to shop for. This year Julia wanted to shop for a widow and senior. Emerson wanted to shop for a little girl that loved barbies like herself. When we sat down Blaise was pouting he wanted to pick his own tag too and what about baby Benedict! Oh my the generosity was catchy! We kept getting up and down and genuflecting every time! I keep laughing because when I finally sat down I was breaking a sweat! Now the excitement is in the shopping for the people. Julia wants to add a few pictures for her widow and senior. Emerson wants to donate some barbie outfits to the doll she will buy! I am thankful for this giving tree as it teaches thoughtfulness and humility!

Like father like son....

I love watching how my kids copy Tony and I. The good, the bad, the ugly. They copy it all. It is super important that we are mindful of this especially Tony when he is watching his spartans and they are losing. I give him that look and he knows little ears are listening. The cute stuff they mimic is always putting a smile on my face. Last night Tony had a splinter in his finger and could only find bandaids in the kiddie bathroom. This morning he was showing us and lamenting about his boo boo when we noticed Blaise had the same band aid on same finger. Seems he mysteriously had a boo boo in middle of night and this morning was sporting a band aid just like his daddy! I am thankful that Tony is the kind of dad that will wear a kid bandaid proudly!