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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keurig K cup

Ok so this isn't an endorsement merely opinion. Today's attitude of gratitude stems from a week of little or no sleep. We seem to have a cold virus running thru the house and every night I have had one or more children wander in my room. This has resulted in a lack of sleep. If it was not for my Keurig ohh I don't know what I would do. I feel like I have my own little barista in my kitchen. I spin the carousel, pick a flavor, and get ready to face the day....

Hot Water Bottle

Tony is thankful for his hot water bottle. He has always had to use one to sleep. He has Never gone to sleep without one. It goes with him on trips and he recently bought a second one when kids started getting headaches too!


Benedict is thankful for naps and Mommy is too!


Julia's turn...she is thankful "that I have a good mother that makes me my favorite soup when I am sick"! Which she is sick today!


My turn....I am thankful for Tony. I am not normally a gusher but here goes: Thank you dear for going to work 6 days a week without complaining just so I can stay home. Thank you for always respecting our family values and faith and setting an example for the kids. Thank you for making me laugh when I don't feel like it and letting me cry when I want to! Most of all thank you for being respectful of me as your wife and never losing sight of what God has planned for our marriage.


I am thankful for my rabbit lily. God made her and she is mine to take care of.

An attitude of gratitude

The family every year makes a big turkey cut out and every morning we write on feathers what we are grateful for. By thanksgiving Tom turkey is filled with all our gratitude and it helps us to remember how blessed we are. This year Julia and Emerson requested that they get to post their thoughts of thankfulness with a picture instead. I thought we could change it up a bit too...so from now until thanksgiving we will be thinking of what we are truly thankful for. It will be nice to look back at end of month and see all the things, people, and ideas that we are gracious for! I told Blaise he can go first and I would help him! He told me he is thankful for Benedict because he is a boy! And because he gets a bunk bed now in his room!

Snail mail

Today in school Emerson will be learning the finer points of writing a friendly letter. When I gave her the heads up she sighed and said "but I don't know anyone's email address"! I realized a year ago I didn't have a cell phone, a consistent email address or a blog. I didn't want one as I felt the old fashioned method of a stamp and envelope was fine for me. Then Tony bought me an iPhone strictly for emergency use! Ha! I am a bona fide techie now! The art of snail mail will never die in our house though. I love writing to my grandmothers, girlfriend in Cleveland, and getting the homemade envelopes from my mother in law wondering what surprises she has sent. Emerson will learn the proper form of letter writing today. She will learn salutations and punctuation. Not because I expect when she is older that she will prefer to handwrite her notes or even afford the cost of a stamp! Simply because I think she should know how to compose thoughts with pencil and paper. Luckily God is easily accessible...could you imagine the postage on that letter?!?!? I know we are in trouble if she asks me his email address though!