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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Day

Drop the books
Get a sled
Play outside until it's
Emerson, 7

What the Snow brings....

Squeals of joy at 5am from Blaise
A rush to get her chores done from Emerson
A groan from Tony as he shovels a path and vows once again to get a snow blower(procrastination)
A sigh from mom as she realizes some of the boots are too small
A cheer from Julia when she realizes she is getting a new sled today
What about the baby you ask?
A look of wonder and awe at God's gift of snow!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Short but Sweet

Due to a pending snow storm my grandma and aunt could only stay for a short bit. It was fun catching up and showing off the baby, bunnies, and hamster. I loved seeing my kids cuddle up next to grandma and talk with her and make her laugh!

Surprise Visitor

The kids bounced out if bed this morning anxious to get the day started. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my Aunt Sharon that she was in town with my grandmother. This would be on my dad's side of the family. They live way in the upper part of the state and have not yet met our latest addition baby Benedict. Sometime today they are coming by to visit. Julia loves my Aunt Sharon and calls her a "cool country gal" they have a bond over their love of the outdoors and animals. I can't wait to snap a few pictures of my grandma with all the kids and see how she has been feeling. Growing up people always said I resembled my dad's side of the family and they were certainly right. Our blonde heads and fair skin really united us. When I look at kids I see the "Koppela" resemblance and it is nice to share a little family time during advent.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Too too cute in her tutu

Emerson had ballet tonight. They are preparing for a mini Christmas dance and party. She was so excited to wear a new tutu that nana had gotten for her.

Reality Check

Alarm went off...ugh Monday back to school as vacation time over. I really appreciated the break from routine and opportunity to get some pre-winter organizing done. Now it is back to books, back to work, and back to reality. There is an air of excitement with the kids as we prepare our advent angels today. We all draw pictures of angels and we draw a name of another family member. All month up until New Years we become secret angels to each other. Mysteriously your bed gets made, dishes put away, a piece of candy in your shoe, and my favorite was when an angel laid out my pjs and slippers one night! It is fun sneaking around trying to secretly do good. On New Years we reveal who our secret angel was and present them with a homemade gift!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Purple was the color of day

Advent banners, homemade bird feeders, bingo, a play, and more....

Advent Fair

Today our church kicks off advent with a fair after mass. The vestments will be purple and because of that Emerson decided to wear her purple dress as well! She encouraged me to wear my purple sweater and because it is hard to resist her smile I did! At the fair there will be card making, a cupcake walk, games, an advent play and some good old fashioned fellowship with friends. I think the fact that we get to experience it all again thru Benedict's eyes makes it even more special.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

MSU Children Garden

Rabbit Show was really neat it is amazing the different breeds of furballs. Emerson lucked out as they had a horse show going on at same time! Afterwards Tony took us to MSU garden and kids played! Tony found a xylophone stepping stone that made music and became a pro at hot cross buns!

Bunny Show

Advent officially starts tomorrow but the kids and I set up our wreath yesterday! We started a Jesse Tree tradition which not only teaches the kids the lineage of our Lord but also the anticipation of his birth. One of the first stories is Creation! A favorite amongst the animal lovers in house. They all want to draw on their ornament animals that God created. As a special treat we are off to MSU to a rabbit show! Sponsored thru 4h it is perfect activity that ties into our advent celebration. I just hope we can get home without any additional bunnies!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Comments from the kids: "will we lose our power on Friday?" said Emerson
"my favorite ornaments are the sparkly ones that are old like grandma" said Blaise
"can rabbits hang stockings?"
"Barbie needs a Christmas tree she has everything except that in her house"(Emerson)
"the only leftovers I like are from Thanksgiving" (Julia)

It is beginning to look alot like...

It is noon and the decorating is done! Inside that is! The kids decorated their own trees and I decorated the great room tree! Fun was had by all except poor Benedict who was not sure what to make of all commotion. He hung out in my arms and took it all in. It was sweet to see the joy on their faces as we talked about our favorite ornaments and our memories of years before. Blaise was excited to show off his tree he decorated all by himself!

Honey it is time...

There has been a tradition in my family as far back as I can recall that the day after Thanksgiving is when we always decorated for Christmas. I remember my mom decking out the entire house in a plethora of ornaments, greenery, and Christmas decor! This notion of decorating has been one tradition I still do today! The girls and I have always done it while Tony is at work. I can't recall a black Friday that he hasn't gone into work only to come home to a transformation. Voila! It's Christmas! This year I also introduced the tradition of each child having a special tree in their room. Blaise felt so proud having daddy carry up his little tree and lighting it up. They all have personalized ornaments to put on the trees that people have given them! It is hectic and overwhelming to do this but it begins the most important part of our faith....the birth of Christ! I really steer clear of any secular symbols of Christmas as Tony and I try to focus on the truth. It is a challenge and it is hard with all the ads and people asking the kids what the jolly fat man is going to bring them? Huh they say? But I unwrapped my nativity set today from Italy. It is a gift I treasure and will pass to my eldest some day. I get all choked up and Blaise asked me if I had a boo boo? No honey, just the greatest Christmas present ever!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well we had our feast and we played our talking spoon game! Everyone enjoyed the food and laughter. I am amazed at how one whole day of cooking ends in less than an hour of eating! A big thank you to my Emerson who helped wash every single china plate and dry it! She even said it was fun! Blaise ate well I am thankful for that and we managed to find time to go on a brisk walk before eating pie! Benedict slept thru his first thanksgiving but that is ok because for once I could sit down at table and eat! We had some awesome fun and great memories! This attitude of gratitude was best thing girls suggested! Our advent celebrations start soon and I already am excited about it!


Julia and Emerson are thankful for learning a new card game!


Tony is thankful for watching football with his boys!

Homemade sweaters

Benedict is thankful for homemade sweaters and hats!


"Blaise what are you thankful for?"


Good morning! We kicked off our day with Tony making his famous b.e.l.t
Bacon bagel egg lettuce and tomato sandwich
I made cinnamon rolls and we are going to watch parade soon!