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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grandpa Tiny Farm

What fun we had at Tiny's farm! Leroy the pony/horse greeted us...we saw and touched baby chicks, bunnies, and goats and a baby cow got "fresh" with the moms! Ha ha seriously from the wagon ride to the peacock sprouting his glorious tail the homeschool field trip was huge hit! Bonus: we came home tired!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today nothing else consumed our thoughts except Grandpa John. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Jan emailed me yesterday that he was to undergo bypass surgery today in order to improve the circulation in his legs. We had just visited him a few days ago and the kids, especially Julia expressed concern and worry about Grandpa John. Grandpa has the sweetest and biggest heart around. He loves his sweets and he loves to talk! We wish we could be there in Petoskey with him today but instead we are praying and sending our good thoughts his way! A quick and speedy recovery is in order for Grandpa because this Summer I know four grandchildren anxious to go back to that ice cream parlor! We love you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missing my Partner

Vacation time is over and I am feeling a little blue. I am missing my partner, my helper and friend! I don't usually have an extra pair of hands around to cook dinner, wash dishes, give Blaise his bath or just corral the gang around to keep them out of my path. I never realized how handy my partner could be either. Painting the front porch, setting up the pools, cutting the dead flowers down, driving the van all over the state of Michigan and even bringing me my daily cup of Joe! Yup I am spiraling down into a deep state of loneliness here as I realize I am out numbered by kids to adults and the only stimulating conversation I am going to have is what color freezy pop to choose? One never realizes how good they truly have it until they experience it and then it's gone. The kids are even bummed out, whose going to push them fifty miles an hour down the slip and slide, talk me into ice cream cones every night, and an extra hour of computer time... Oh and don't get me started on the singing, laughing, and joke telling at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Either I have evolved or just gave in... Used to be I relaxed the day my hubby went back to work after a long vacation. After nine days of having him at my beck and call I realized I miss him today...as he trudged out the door I almost yelled No! Come back! Don't leave me here! Lol take me with you! Oh well I will start counting the days until our next family vacation begins...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Awhile back my cousin went to Disney and said she had so much fun they didn't take any pictures, I was astonished as she is an amazing photographer. I get it though. Today you will GET nothing from today. Our family had so much fun with our first BBQ with our neighbors that not once did it strike me to set up a photo moment. In fact from the beginning to end we were completely wireless free. No phones, no cameras and no talk of work. But I don't want to forget today do bare with me as I describe the highlights: four pools set up, one slip and slide... Tons of cookies, cupcakes and chips galore, BBQ pork tenderloin, a soccer game, and plenty of laughs amongst friends! Sun and fun is the best way to describe it! I look forward to next year, although I hope we have a bigger slip and slide for the dads!
Wait, I guess someone had a camera here's the highlights!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentecost Sunday

It is no secret that red is my absolute favorite color. From the time I was three years old I have donned red dresses, red glasses, red shoes, red shirts, two red cars and tons of red flowers in my home. So this morning imagine the anticipation I had of Pentecost. Red was "the color of the day" according to Julia. Imagine my pride as we left mass and Fr. Steve asked her why he was wearing a red vestment. I paused in fear?!? Oh no not only was this a test for my 10 year old but it was also a review of how well mom had taught her. She pondered a moment and then clearly and concisely retold him the gospel story of the apostles waiting in the room for Jesus and then the flames of fire above their heads and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Whew! Passed that one with flying colors! I know in my heart I try my best and pride cometh before a fall and we should always be humble, but I was one happy mama that she truly understood why "red was the color of the day", and could confidently answer a question concerning her faith.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well it's official, I have me a grilling man! Today we grilled Salmon and Nana and Papa came on out for a visit. We each got to play catch up after vacationing and we got to taste some good cooking by Chef Tony. I swear he has been hiding from me all these years that he can cook! I have been spoiled by three nights in a row of not having to cook dinner as he dabbles in the finer arts of grilling. Tonight was maple syrup glazed salmon, asparagus, and homemade bread! My mom brought a fruit salad with star shaped watermelon and for dessert pie a la mode! We ended our day with a walk whereby my sweet Blaise rocked his brother to sleep! I love my life!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Detroit Zoo

It was hot, but it was awesome! I am but exhausted but here's highlights:
Julia loved the polar bear exhibit where you walked underground thru a long tube and they had a polar bear playing above you! Emerson loved the safari area with zebras, giraffes, and even prairie dogs?!? You stuck your head thru a hole in a cage and they ran around you! Blaise loved the tigers, bears and snakes eek! I loved the butterfly house and was amazed at how many landed on people! Tony liked the farm, petting farm and even peacocks!
My little blue eyes though was hot hot hot today and his favorite part was when I pushed him under the misters and he got sprayed with water!
This is first time at zoo where we did everything and still managed to come home in one piece! Although that snake exhibit still has my tummy in knots!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pool Boy

Today was Benedict's first opportunity to test out his new kiddie pool! I'm not sure who was more excited, him with his splashing, or me with his fancy leather flip flops! I mean really every real pool boy has a pair right?!?
We discovered the pool may be a bit intimidating at first so his protective daddy went out and got him an indoor pool...but wait? Where's the water???

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Mommy is sick

Pray tell what does one do when Mommy is sick? I asked Julia to document her day and report back to me and with giggles I must report the following:
When mommy is sick we don't have to drink our milk at breakfast because dad just gives us dry cereal. We didn't comb our hair or brush our teeth because mommy is only one that seems concerned by our breath and what people think of our hair, since she is busy doing nothing but laying in bed why bother? Dad is a lot more fun, we got some slurpees, ate crackers and told Mom yes we had some lunch. Nobody seemed to mind if we checked on our webkinz today and it kept us really quiet for two hours while mom was doing nothing but resting. Dad was busy working in the yard and Benedict seemed to like watching him so it didn't seem right to ask if we should get off computer. Blaise spent most of the day in back yard digging super big holes for a new construction site and since it was far enough in woods it didn't seem a big deal to mention it to dad, who prefers no holes in his landscaped grass!
Mommy said she hopes she feels better tomorrow but we think she needs to stay in bed!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Although we knew it was inevitable, when we woke up today we had no idea that reality would smack us in the face as it did! We had planned to slowly take our time coming home to the "city" by stopping along the way at special shops and taking the back way home! Well that is not quite how it happened...I woke up in my huge comfy hotel bed that I didn't have to make only to discover that I had a raging migraine and a very unpleasant feeling in my stomach! Call it what you like I was downright sick! We loaded the troops up and I sat in the very back of van praying the trip would go by fast! These are the things I recall while going in and out of slumber: my girls giggling about how funny I looked with my droopy eyes and hunched back, my son asking a million and one times if we were home, and at one point I recall my 10 year old whispering to me the freeway was closed in parts due to a fugitive on the run?!? Is she serious? Or am I delirious? Turns out it was true and all the rest of the way my budding policeman scoured the woods as we drove for suspicious looking characters! I remember stopping twice at McDonalds to eat and use the bathrooms but not sure how we did it and since no one was left behind I am fine with it. By time we reached home sweet home I collapsed into my big beautiful bed which I do have to make every day and sighed a relief that I had only gotten sick three times in the van as we only had three extra bags! Now I lay on what I call my death bed, which I still will have to make... But I am so grateful for that vacation! We got to see family, swim in the pool, girls and I got our nails painted and we even found time to do nothing! So I'll suck up my pity and lay here awhile and drink my Vernors and crackers and dream about our Petoskey travels....minus the sick part I don't ever want to recall that again!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Highlights

Woke up to chilly wet rain, but that doesn't stop us from having fun! After hanging out in pool all afternoon yesterday we decided to see some sights. Drove to Indian River today to visit the Cross in Woods. The girls both had petitions they wished to make and Blaise was anxious to see the huge crucifix in woods. Julia is getting her braces when we get back so she took me literally when I suggested she eat all the things she won't be able to while wearing braces. Thus she is not photographed today due to upset tummy, per her request! After Indian river we hit a few bookstores on way back to hotel and loaded up on pleasure books, school books, and some mags for the ride home. I recently began reading a book recommended by my friend Amanda and I talked my mom into reading it as well. It is my first adult book in awhile and I can't put it down. I downloaded the app 1000 gifts which corresponds with it, I just have to figure out how to use it. We will visit gramps and grandma tonight around dinner and I believe I've cream was mentioned. Currently I am sitting in hotel room with my feet up and baby sleeping. I am. It joining them back in water again as I think it's time for a little "me" time!
Ahhhhhh you hear that? Silence! And yes it's golden!