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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waste Management

What is it about boys and garbage? Blaise adores the garbage men that come every Monday to pick up our trash! He waves and tells me one day maybe he will drive a garbage truck. From time he could drag a trash bag he has always helped with trash! He collects my trash cans every morning for me so I can empty them! I am so thankful for my little buddy that helps me!

Bottomless Pit

Ok so I have been fretting and fretting about Blaise and his diet lately! One trip to Grandma Jan's house and my nights of worries can stop!

Molasses Cookies and Ovaltine

Everyone has been asking how Blaise is doing. Well here is the update. Tony's mom has really made him feel at home. He has been showered upon with cars, trucks, and a cool suitcase on wheels that he loves to pull around. This morning he tried Ovaltine drink which his daddy used to drink. He loved it I am told. Grandma made some molasses cookies and he gobbled one up! I will have to get recipe!

Good Nights Rest

My mind is a blur this morning as to what exactly I am thankful for. With my son away I had planned on getting a good night sleep. Blaise is famous for toddling in at 3, 4, or 5 in morning to see if it is morning. I am guilty of thinking yahoo it is not my problem this weekend and I am sleeping in! Well ever hear of Murphy's Law...he came knocking on our door in wee hours of night in form of booming screeching fireworks! Not the pretty kind either, the screeching, fizzing annoying kind that lasted for hours it seemed. After finally settling down Emerson and reassuring her it wasn't a hunter shooting at our house, I laid down....then I heard it ..."mommy is it breakfast time I am hungry" ok so I am thankful for that nap I will be taking later on today! Zzzzzz