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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boys to Men

With Fathers Day around the corner I have boys and daddies on the brain... My ultimate Abba Father is the source of all my joy and hope and peace and I have been blessed by choosing a Godly husband and as a result am finding happiness in raising two little men to be JUST like him. I came across two inspirational quotes last night that really served up what I'm feeling and thinking lately... I love my boys and daily pray for their vocation and thankfully my husband does to. Besides the dirt, noise, and insanity that follows my little men I feel responsible to raise them with a sense of virtue and respect. This world has plenty of "dudes" but I'm hoping for MEN, the gentlemanly sort that hold God close to their hearts forever. Today I will offer them up in prayer and as well as every other young man, boy, baby I can think of!