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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Game night

Once a week we try to have a family night. The kids love this time. We play a board game or we work on a puzzle. I started thinking about how the oldie but goodie hobbies are still around. In an age of technology you can still find people, like my mom, working away on a 500 piece puzzle. My grandmother is in an old folks home and they have oodles of puzzles laying around for people to work on. The other day Julia asked me what checkers was? Shocked, I immediately had to find an online version of the game. I am thankful that these hobbies still exist. Sitting at a puzzle or a board game forces the family to pause, take turns, laugh together and just enjoy each others company! We discovered this about each other: Tony is still just as competitive, Julia has an awesome memory for facts, Emerson is really patient and dedicated to finishing the challenges, Blaise likes to throw the die, and Mom is still trying to perfect the cheese popcorn recipe from Taratuta side.

God the artist

We are thankful for the colors of the season. Julia and Emerson

Meet my mouser

Although not an animal lover I have allowed the kids to acquire bunnies, fish, and a hamster. I am never fond of mice in fact I am utterly terrified of them. Every Fall one or two attempt to set up shop in our garage! It totally freaks me out and I beg Tony to PLEASE take care of it...I have threatened to get a cat if need be. Well this Fall I came across a homeless mouser. My dear friends that live on a farm came across "sparky" recently. It seems people have this notion that since they live on a dirt road they are taking in all sorts of strays. Well I am thankful I can have a sense of humor as you can see Sparky isn't pulling his weight! class="separator"style="clear: both; text-align: center;">