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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food pyramid

Today in science Emerson had to work on learning the food pyramid and the requirements for a healthy body. With our recent bout of illness and an over abundance of sugar from Halloween I felt it perfect time to make this a family activity. The girls caught on super quick about what is a good choice for healthy eating...being a vegetarian myself I beamed with pride! But, I was surprised to see what a 3 year old considered healthy! Blaise's pyramid consisted of following: Grains: popcorn and bread
Vegetables: carrots and green m&m's
Fruit: purple grape juice
Milk: chocolate milk and ice cream
Meat and Beans: he decided at this point he would be a vegetarian too!
Does this worry me? Yes it does that is why I am constantly hiding little veggies and fruits in places you would never imagine...recently spaghetti squash found it's way in pasta and sauce! Yogurt was filled with magic berries that make you strong! I will do what it takes but oddly enough when he goes to other people's houses he eats like a horse! Maybe I should ask for cooking lessons for Christmas.

Election Day

Today is a day to vote! It is our right and privilege! I am thankful for that. I will be there in line with all four kiddies! Regardless if you vote yes or no or for a specific candidate please vote! Otherwise you can not sit back and complain about the way things are going!