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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Julia and the Phone

Ok so I have pondered whether or not to blog this...do I really want to remember when my daughter became an official iPhone carrier..well sort of.. Here's the lowdown Tony and I always stated our kids would NEVER carry a cell phone until they carried an income to pay for it. Well when Tony got his new phone last week we assumed the old iPhone would be turned in. Not so the guy said it was ours to keep and still could be used as an iPad/iPod type of device with free texting and all those fun free games...we didn't need a third iPhone ( or so I thought) then Tony and I realized it could serve a great incentive to Julia. Get your chores done and you can earn some phone time, get caught doing extra math and hey text away! For the last week the kid has been on cloud nine...she has complained about the uncool case but gladly texts away and takes pictures and video of what she fancies. Now if you are curious what a 10 year old needs to text here are the following texts I have received: I love u
Hi!  can I play a game?
And my fav: u r the best mom ever!!!
Now as far as pictures go well I saved them so you can enjoy them as well and they are true Julia spirit...so we stand corrected and giving her the phone has not proven to be a nightmare. She responsibly uses it only for a limited time and I am enjoying my new texting buddy!


Today is the day we begin our remodel! A remodel of Blaise's room. When God blessed us with boy number two it became apparent that with four kids someone was to share a room unless we moved...the girls are totally polar opposite in taste, style, and sleep patterns so they requested to keep their own bedrooms. Blaise loved the idea of having a roommate so we told him this year we were going to remodel his room and the "boys" would room together. He is thrilled! We have decided to purchase bunk beds and built in storage for the boy toys! Blaise is picking the color blue but mom decides on the shade. Hey he wanted orange and I have been that route with Julia in past so we are compromising!
As far as theme goes we have decided to wait until we choose the bedding. Currently the baby is still sleeping in our room and will continue until probably after a year old and then he will transition into his bottom bunk. I have found with my other kids when they start walking and climbing it is great time to introduce a big boy/girl bed.